The official launch of FX & Experiential Brand Storytelling just happened to take place in a book.

News of this ingenious approach spread like wild fire, as hundreds of prospective clients converged on a LIVE event in New Orleans to help FX continue their story.

Weeks after the event the FX brand story experience is still engaging participants, and delivering big-time results. This is gonna make one helluva great case study.

Inspiration for the FX Experiential Brand Story came from our work for a big-name studio and their popular TV series. Can you guess the studio and the series?

Director/Writer/ECD—Matt Hodgson and Art Director/Painter—Cameron Gardner hard at work creating the Book of FX.

On the heels of his recent LIVE ACTION, STOP MOTION successes Director Matt Hodgson launches “BUZZPAINT™”– a wildly entertaining LIVE, INTERACTIVE, STOP MOTION PAINT EXPERIENCE… that will engage audiences before, during and after an event.

© BUZZPAINT LLC, 2019. All Rights Reserved.

© BUZZPAINT LLC, 2019. All Rights Reserved.